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Five Ways to Help Improve Your Testosterone Naturally

1. Weight loss

Men who are obese are probably inadvertently lowering their testosterone counts. There seems to be a strong correlation between obesity and having a low testosterone count. Men who are able to lose weight will steadily improve their testosterone at the same time. They should also manage to enjoy all sorts of other health benefits in the process. Obese men also find it somewhat more difficult to exercise. Since exercise can also have a positive effect on one's testosterone, weight loss can help men with their testosterone directly and indirectly.

2. Exercising

Men can increase their testosterone levels by exercising, especially if they exercise in a particular way and according to a particular pattern. In this regard, short and intense periods of exercise will be the most effective. While long and gentle periods of exercise can certainly help with endurance and other capabilities, the short and intense bursts of exercise will have a more profound effect on the body. Sprinting will do the trick. Some men may prefer to have brief but very intense exercise sessions on gym machines like elliptical trainers and treadmills. However, anaerobic exercises like weight lifting will also help in this regard. Many men specifically try weight lifting in order to boost their testosterone counts, which really can be very effective.

3. Zinc

Some men are deficient in the mineral zinc without even realizing it, and they may be damaging their testosterone levels in the process. Taking a huge amount of zinc isn't going to help, of course, but it seems that many men need more zinc than they usually get, since zinc supplementation is very likely to help men who are suffering from lowered testosterone. There are plenty of dietary sources of zinc. However, many men still aren't going to be able to get enough of this vital mineral through their diets. It is often a good idea for them to consider supplementation anyway. More often than not, the men who supplement with zinc will benefit from that supplementation.

4. Vitamin D

Being deficient in vitamin D in one way or another or for one reason or another is very common today. Even people who drink milk on a regular basis are often not getting the vitamin D that they should. However, a lack of vitamin D may be harmful when it comes to one's testosterone count. Some men can simply try to get more vitamin D through diet, but they will have to eat a lot of the related foods. In many cases, supplementing with vitamin D is the better approach.

5. Healthy fat

The relatively recent craze for low-fat diets may have harmed men when it came to their testosterone levels. Men who eat more monounsaturated fat are more likely to have healthy testosterone counts. A diet that emphasizes sugar is bad for one's testosterone as well, and eating more fat can counteract that. Lots of the foods high in monounsaturated fat, like nuts, are also low in sugar. Switching to a diet high in protein and fat can help many men.

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