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Living a healthy lifestyle, staying strong and active is a mind-set. Our motto: 'Mind over Matter'. You can achieve anything. Stay strong and focused and with the right guidance you will meet your goal

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good
If you suffer from…
* Palpitations
* a pounding heart, or an accelerated heart rate
* Sweating
* Trembling or shaking
* Shortness of breath
* A choking sensation
* Chest pain or discomfort
* Nausea or stomach cramps
* Derealization (a feeling of unreality)
* Fear of losing control or going crazy
* Fear of dying Numbness or a tingling sensation
* Chills or hot flashes
(Source: American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) 2000 Washington, DC.)

…then you’ve experienced firsthand some of the possible symptoms of a panic or anxiety attack. If you are reading this page because a loved one suffers from these symptoms and you are trying to understand or help, it’s hard to appreciate what they go through.

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Top 4 Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying Lose Weight


If you’re a woman on a mission to burn fat, there’s a good chance you are making one or two (or more) mistakes along the way. I see it time and time again and yet, few women ever actually crack the weight loss code.

It really doesn’t need to be as complicated as it seems. By learning what these mistakes are, you can quickly put them behind you and get on track to seeing better results.

Let’s look at four fat loss mistakes you need to know about.

Starvation Diets

If 1400 calories is good, 1000 must be better, right? Wrong. Your body needs fuel to burn fat properly. As strange as it may sound, if you cut your calories back too far, your body will just cling onto what fat it does have, making further fat loss feel impossible.

You want to use a moderate calorie deficit, like the guidelines set forth in the 3 Week Diet plan as this will ensure that your metabolism stays revved and you keep burning fat.

Failing To Plan Ahead

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Why You Need Amino Acids Supplementation When Strength Training!

weight trainingGetting the ideal supplements can be complex. Amino acids are a fantastic instance.

 Why do you need them?

 How do they help?

 What do you really require to know?

 Don’ t fear. We obtained your back. Right here’s every little thing you should understand about amino acids. 

 Been to a sporting activities nutrition store lately?

 If so, you’ve seen all the protein supplement products. Most wellness and also health and fitness enthusiasts these days comprehend the importance of healthy protein in their diet. They are aware that it is a crucial part of structure and enhancing the body, and also amino acids are the vital building blocks of it. It’s unusual though, just how little many fitness fans actually find out about amino acids as well as their value. I would love to describe a little bit much more on just what they are and their role.

 Quite just, amino acids are the building blocks of protein, as well as muscle cells. They also play a major component in physical procedures associating with energy, healing, mood, mind function, building muscular tissue and strength gains. More remarkably, they are additionally essential in the quest for weight loss diet.

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The Benefits of Couples Working out Together

Couple Working OutMost people do not relate health with romance.  It's no unknown fact that when you are healthy, fit and active, your energy level is high.  The health, sexual, and psychological benefits of staying in shape are inspiring and your effort to get there is small in comparison. 

Studies have shown that when working out as couples it builds positive energy in a relationship.  The level of workout or training does not necessarily need to be the same for each individual. 

The beauty of fitness training with your couple it's that it can get intimate when there's personal contact between the two people. This makes every relationship special and can grow stronger with time. Staying focused in training while developing the skill of working out together will help your relationship grow and the two of you will share that moment for a long time. 

Ignite a new spark and have fun.  Fitness training and staying fit will make your dream and desire come alive.  Working out with your partner is fun.  Do things that you both enjoy or try new things:  strength training, spinning, boot camp, bike riding, dance to fitness, hiking, racketball and walk or job.

Become healthier and fit and have the time of your life!  


Improves Blood Flow, Sexual Function & Muscle Growth

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Chest Exercises Tip

Chest Workouts

 A variety of resistance exercises can be used to train the pectorals major muscle.

What is resistance training?  It is the type of exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance with dumbbells, bands or your own weight.  These exercises when done correctly are expected to help you build up your strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance.

In the bodybuilding world or for more hardcore training, most prefer dumbbells, barbells on bench or free weights.  People interested in just toning should not shy away or be frightened to use free weights.  You may see quicker and/or better results using dumbbells or by weight training.

Exercises for chest workouts include bench pressing (using dumbbells, barbells or machines at various angles such as decline, incline and flat where the hips are above, below and level with the head respectively).  Pushups, flyers (using dumbbells or machines at either flat or inclined angles), cable crossovers or dips are great exercises for pecs, as well

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Fitness Tracker & Why You Should Own One!

 First of all, it is very important to stay physically fit to be able to do everyday jobs effectively and efficiently during the course of our lifestyles. And to further increase our level of fitness and make our lives better, we must own a fitness tracker that keeps a track of how healthy and fit our body is at a point of time.

Besides this, there are several other reasons why one should own and use a fitness tracker. This is a great tool, especially when you have lots of things to do in a limited time period. So, it's time to get a fitness tracker that suits people's budget and fitness purpose. Remember that the quality and the functions of a fitness watch should decide which suits one's requirements the best.

A Motivator

      A fitness tracker is not just a gadget, but it is more of a fitness friend and a motivator partner. The main purpose of this watch is to keep a track of a person's fitness routine and motivate him to stay fit. This device allows one to view the information regarding all the activities performed by him, so that one could know where the efforts had been spent all the day long. This information would later help one to set smarter objectives.
    1. Fitness Objectives
    2. A fitness watch is a help for one to set future goals. By offering a visual impression of the improvements and progress one makes, this device allows one to meet goals smartly and set better goals based on what one has already accomplished. But before setting up better goals, one should first note down the purpose of the tracker, whether it is losing weight, building body, tracking sleep or serving any other purpose.
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Why Your Muscles Won’t Grow Without Decent Sleep.

Ybody buildingou can do intense workouts, eat the right foods, and take the right supplements, but your muscles won’t grow without decent sleep.

This video from the PictureFit YouTube channel explains how important sleep is for your body when you’re trying to build muscle. In fact, besides your actual workout, sleep is the most important thing. For starters, a lack of sleep means you have less energy to use at the gym during your workouts. You can still lift and run at your maximum, but you’ll get tired much quicker, which means fewer sets overall. Lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of injury too, and you won’t be lifting anything if you’re hurt.

 body buildingSleep is also necessary to balance your hormones. While you’re sleeping, your body releases anabolic hormones like testosterone and IGF-1, which are necessary for muscle growth. Lack of sleep can slow the rate your body releases these hormones and bring your bulking to a grinding halt. Additionally, sleep also brings down the levels of muscle breaking hormones, like cortisol, in your body. Basically, sleep helps you preserve muscle mass while you try to bulk or even lose weight.

Lastly, a lack of sleep can increase your levels of the appetite-raising hormone ghrelin while lowering your levels of the hormone leptin, which makes you feel full. This can make you crave snacks and food that’s outside of your strict muscle-building diet. So don’t just focus on your workout when you’re trying to get in shape—make sure you get great sleep too.

Start getting better sleep tonight

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Could A Personal Trainer Be A Smarter Solution To Fitness?


gaining strengthThere is nothing better than when your eyes fill with sweat. Lying on your back, gasping for breath, utterly exhausted. Mission accomplished, exclaims your personal trainer.

There is however, a slight misconception that this is what fitness needs to be and it’s how we achieve the body of our dreams. If you’re a career professional who balances career with wellbeing, your training programming needs to evolve past the old ‘flog and log’ model we constantly see.

Athletes vs Regular Trainers

Athletes and those professionally fit, such as personal trainers and models, have lifestyle priorities that maximise return on their physical performance. Priorities dictate that time be spent on adequate nutrition, rest, mobility and rehabilitation work – all choices geared to enable a high physical output.

For many that inundate social media, they are also in their physical peak, that is, the 18-30-year-old group. Those that are fit as a professional have different priorities and commitments than those of the corporate professional.

As a young gent, competition and physicality is built into our DNA. However, as a young corporate professional, striving to earn more and improve one’s trained abilities, our competitive focus and lifestyle priorities change.

Trappings Of A Corporate Routine

Mental performance day-in-day-out within an office environment, coupled with social lives, means rest, rehab and nutrition often take a back seat to the economics of the office.

Changing our focus from a physical to a mental performance means we need to change the way we see our exercise regime.

Due to the nature of a career lifestyle, be it sitting for 10-plus hours a day, late nights working, social drinking, chronic stress, or skipping meals for meetings, our body reacts differently to exercise.

We don’t recover as quickly. We get tighter through the hips, back and shoulders and our cells use energy differently.

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Workout Tips to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle!

Is a weight training diet plan an oxymoron? After all when we think of weight training we think of big burly men, whose only diet would be the see-food diet. I'm joking of course. When it comes to the look and shape of your body, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, with what you eat arguably the more significant. Exercise dictates performance; diet dictates what you see staring back at you in the mirror.Weight Training Diet

So if you are putting in the effort with the weights to improve the look and shape of your body, it figures that you would also put some thought into what you eat.

Now conventional wisdom tells us that the exercise program isn't enough to change the look and shape of our body, just open any muscle or health and fitness magazine, they are full of adverts for super foods and supplements as well as articles explaining why you must eat this and mustn't eat that... We need a weight training diet.

The misconception is that because you are weight training you need to eat in a specific way; usually "more", however in reality this is not the case!

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Las Vegas Host The 'Superbowl' Of Bodybuilding -The Big O

The crowned winner of the Olympia bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas this weekend will reign over the sport for the next year. 

Known as the premiere bodybuilding event in the world, the event gained notoriety with title-holders like Arnold Schwarzenegger making it into a Hollywood showcase. 

But since the heydey of the Arnold, the sport has gotten bigger -- and so have its competitors.

Out of the 200 or so competitors, about 20 will compete for the coveted Mr. Olympia title. 

Notably absent from this year's competition, however, is the Ms. Olympia portion of the event. That's not to say women can't compete, as the Olympia event retained some of the women's categories such as physique and bikini. But the pinnacle Ms. Olympia was dissolved in 2014. 

The move probably didn't shock anyone more so than Las Vegas resident Iris Kyle. She is the 10-time winner of the Ms. Olympia title -- that's more than Arnold had at seven -- and is regarded as the most successful bodybuilder of all time. 

I am experiencing a void right now," Kyle said. "I no longer have the opportunity to continue my career, something that I chose." 

According to Kyle, Olympia organizers didn't give a reason for closing that portion of the event. 

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7 Legs Muscular Building Exercises for Bodybuilding




7 Bodybuilding Exercises That Will Build Muscular Legs



It’s not easy to get into bodybuilding. Not only do you need to spend significant amounts of time in the gym and fitness center, but you need to have your diet locked down and keep your sleep schedule tight. It’s easy to fantasize or envision yourself with the huge muscles that many bodybuilders have, but getting there for yourself is, needless to say, not easy.


Most of us can put together a simple enough workout plan. But if you want to get serious about building muscle — that is, start bodybuilding, or working out like someone who does — you’ll need to put some real consideration into how you’re spending your time at the gym. You’ll need to concentrate specific days on specific parts of your body. And you’ll need to incorporate lifts and exercises that will help you achieve the results you want.


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IFBB Pro, Quincy Roberts Interview

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NC IFBB Pro Quincy Roberts  IFBB Pro, Quincy Roberts has been an inspiration for many amateurs and professional bodybuilders.  His commitment, dedication and passion in    fitness, weight training and nutrition has earned him many titles and credentials since 1982.

 His titles include Mr. North Carolina in 1982; Mr. Jr. USA in 1983; Runner Up in Mr. America in 1984-85; and Mr. Universe in 1986.  He received 5th   Place in 1996 at the Masters Olympia and 4th Place in 1997.  Quincy won the 1988 National Championship (earning his IFBB Pro Card) and the same year he got 2nd at the Masters World Championship, at age 50.

 Quincy Roberts’ award winning personality and drive to help others has led him to become a personal trainer, managing and owning Quincy Roberts’ Elite Fitness Center for 19 years.   Although no longer at the fitness center, he dedicates his time as a Fitness Advisor.  He has helped 1000s of people reach their goals in all level of fitness.

 Quincy Roberts is an NPC Judge and promotes the NPC Muscle Heat and Elite Muscle Classic competitions. 

 To contact Quincy Roberts for fitness advice, contest prep, or information on contests please call him at 366-987-4007 or visit his website at www.QuincyRoberts.com

 I want to thank Quincy for allowing us the time to interview him.  Read more >>>

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