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IFBB Pro, Quincy Roberts Interview

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NC IFBB Pro Quincy Roberts  IFBB Pro, Quincy Roberts has been an inspiration for many amateurs and professional bodybuilders.  His commitment, dedication and passion in    fitness, weight training and nutrition has earned him many titles and credentials since 1982.

 His titles include Mr. North Carolina in 1982; Mr. Jr. USA in 1983; Runner Up in Mr. America in 1984-85; and Mr. Universe in 1986.  He received 5th   Place in 1996 at the Masters Olympia and 4th Place in 1997.  Quincy won the 1988 National Championship (earning his IFBB Pro Card) and the same year he got 2nd at the Masters World Championship, at age 50.

 Quincy Roberts’ award winning personality and drive to help others has led him to become a personal trainer, managing and owning Quincy Roberts’ Elite Fitness Center for 19 years.   Although no longer at the fitness center, he dedicates his time as a Fitness Advisor.  He has helped 1000s of people reach their goals in all level of fitness.

 Quincy Roberts is an NPC Judge and promotes the NPC Muscle Heat and Elite Muscle Classic competitions. 

 To contact Quincy Roberts for fitness advice, contest prep, or information on contests please call him at 366-987-4007 or visit his website at www.QuincyRoberts.com

 I want to thank Quincy for allowing us the time to interview him.  Read more >>>

 Question:   When did you begin working out?

 Answer:   In high school I was a wrestler, so I was always in shape until I dislocated my shoulder. After that I didn’t do much because I couldn’t move my shoulder for a couple of years due to the injury.

 Question:   What started you to go down the road to bodybuilding?

 IFBB Pro, Quincy Roberts on CableAnswer:  Actually it was my youngest brother.  He started working out and I saw how he was getting into really good shape.  After I hurt my shoulder, I felt I still had muscles until one night a girl sought me out and said ‘I remember when you used to be built’.   I was like… wait a minute did she say used to?  Right then I immediately decided I was going to start working out.

 Question:   How did your training begin?

 Answer:  Of course, I started out by doing push-ups and dumbbell curls and things like that.  My brother had his home gym and had a pretty good setup.  My brother, John, was a former bodybuilder himself.  I then started working out at a guy’s house that had a little more equipment.  Eventually I started driving to Boone and at that time it would take me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to go work it out.

 Question:   Who or what motivated you to want to compete?

Answer:  At that time, I had seen Chip Segment (spelling?) who won Mr. North Carolina.  I didn’t know much about bodybuilding contests, but it made me want to compete.

 Question:   What was your first contest and how did you feel about competing?

 Answer:  The first contest I saw Jack King in Winston Salem.  I was very shy about getting on stage and in front of people.  My ex-wife couldn’t believe what I was doing because she knew I didn’t like being in front of people.  I had to get over my apprehension of getting out in front of people.

 Question:  What steps did you take for your first competition?

 Answer:  In 1979, I was getting ready for a competition and I started out at 155 lbs.  I dieted for 2 weeks only eating 2 bologna sandwiches a day because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do--but I didn’t know.   I lost almost 20 lbs. in 2 weeks.  The competition was after an Olympic meet.  It was supposed to have started at 8:00 pm but it didn’t start until almost 12:00 midnight.   I was extremely nervous.

 Question:  Who was one of the main competitors you met at your first competition and do you remember who won?

 Answer:  That is when I met Michael Ashley.  I’m sure you know who he is.  He was only a teenager at the time.  He ended up winning the competition.

 I didn’t place because I didn’t know what I was doing.  The other guys competing knew what to do.  I didn’t think too much about it.

 Question:  After your unsuccessful competition, what made you continue and how did your competitions follow after?

 Answer:  I was encouraged by other competitors. So my second competition was the North Carolina State competition.  This was back when they had the bodybuilding under the Quincy Roberts NC IFBB Probasketball goal so I wound up placing 4th place in that one. 

  The following year I placed 3rd then 2nd and then I won in 1982.   I then won the Junior USA in 1983.  I started competing in the AAU.  I went to the NPC Nationals in 1982.   When I look back at some names, a lot of the guys actually became pro bodybuilders in that show.   

 I placed 9th in middle weight class in the Nationals.  I placed 2nd in Mr. America twice.  Then I won the AAU Mr. Universe.   I then switched to the NPC and started promoting shows in 1983 with the AAU.  I switched over to the NPC USA.

 When I turned 40, I entered the Masters Qualifier for the Olympia and got 2nd.   I placed 5th in Nationals Olympia in 1996 and placed 4th in 1997 and in 1999 I placed 7th.   Then when I turned 50 I placed 2nd in maxis rule championship.

 Question:  What do you enjoy about bodybuilding?

 Answer:  I enjoy staying in shape, seeing the competitors and seeing my body’s transformation for a better look.  I have not competed since I turned 50 because I like the challenge and want to maximize my competitors.

 Question:  So what do you now to keep you motivated?

 Answer:  Well, right now I own my on gym, and I sponsor, train and coach other body builders.

 Question:   Who would you say is an inspiration or your role model?

 Answer:  I mean I’ve looked at magazines and books, but Question Scott is the first person I saw in person.  He inspired me to work my arms.  Also, my brother was very muscular and I looked up at him.  No one really inspired me into the sport, but they inspire me to work more on my physique.

 Question:  What part of your body would you say you have to work on the hardest?

Quincy Roberts NC IFBB Pro  Answer:  I train my legs more than my upper body. My upper body comes easy to me, but my legs take more work.  I still train my legs twice a week to ensure my body stays symmetrical.

 Question:  What is the most important advice to give someone in the sport and to help them be successful?

 Answer:  To ensure they stay symmetrical, ensure your mindset and structure. Presentation is important. You could win against the biggest guy if you have created the proper structure symmetrically and a perfect pose could place you in the top 10.  Presentation is the key.

 Question:  So what is your goal in life now?

 Answer:  I want to introduce as many people to the sport and encourage those who want to be in the sport.  I want to train and teach them to challenge themselves.  Show them what it takes to succeed and stay successful.  This is not a magical thing, it takes works.

Quincy is the father of two daugthers. He instills in them the importance of living an active fitness lifestyle and encourages them to practice healthy eating even as teenagers.

IFBB Pro, Quincy Roberts

Call him at 366-987-4007



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