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Unchained Physiques Gets You in the Best Shape Ever!  Whether you're competing in a bodybuilding show or not--we guide you step by step through your health and fitness goals!

Contest Prep Coach Mike Rattenni IFBB Pro Physique 

Our mission is simple:  Help you break the chains of restraint that prevent you from taking your physique to the next level. 

Need a coach to show you how to train, what to eat, when to eat and more?  

That’s where Unchained Physiques comes in. We take the guess work out of finding what is going to work best for you, with our experienced prep and lifestyle coaches.  We are here for you:

  • No Matter Your Fitness Level
  • If You're Looking for Nutritional / Diet Plans
  • If Want Optimum Results When Weight Training or in Your Cardio Workouts
  • If You're Competing on Your First Show
  • If You're a Seasoned Competitor
  • If You Need Expert Guidance from a Prep Coach or Lifestyle Coach
  • If You're Just Looking to Get in the Best Shape Ever!


Contact Unchained Physiques and Mention  Carolina Bodybuilding:




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Mike Rattenni IFBB Pro Physique

We provide lifestyle diet plans customized specifically for you, to help you reach your overall health and wellness goals. Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? If so, let Unchained Physiques guide you on your journey!

ABOUT Mike Rattenni IFBB Physique Pro and Founder

Mike Rattenni is an entreprenuer in the fitness industry.  He built his fitness empire as a gym owner, training coach and physique competitor.  His love for the sport, committment, hard work paid off when he got pro card.  Rattenni moved to Raleigh from New York in 2007.  His portfolio as personal trainer and contest prep coach has produced professional competitors in the Bodybuilding sport.  Have a question for Mike? 

Use his contact page and mention Carolina Bodybuilding >> Click Here  

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