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MG12 Mineral Supplements



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Magnesium Benefits for Bodybuilders and Athletes


Peak Performance

Reduces  spasms and cramping

Cuts down muscle burn

Enhances Endurance

Heightened Competitive Edge

Shoulder Workout Plan Transdermal products allow magnesium to be absorbed instantly into the skin for immediate assimilation by the muscles. The replenishment of magnesium is a crucial part of effective muscle recovery. Bodybuilders have told us that it has reduced or eliminated muscle burn and has allowed them to get a much deeper workout.

Coupon JONASAbout Our Supplements Mg12 mineral supplements are 100 percent pure magnesium, plus 20 essential mineral salts straight from the Dead Sea, the most ancient health retreat on Earth. 

Use- For best results, apply pre-workout to reduce cramping and tightness of muscles. Apply post-workout to cutback on spasms and cramping.



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MG12 Mineral Supplements for Sports Performance
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