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How Women Can Lose Up To 50 Lbs

Although the statistics claim that men and women suffer weight issues alike, the women folk will agree it's a tougher battle for them. Men have it easy. They can gorge on calorie-loaded servings of dessert and still stay slim. On the other hand, we women have to watch everything we put into our mouth and wait to see where it will soon show up.

It's a matter of difference in the way our bodies are created. Fret not! Here are 10 nutrition and workout tips for women who want to lose 50 pounds in 4 months. Follow them strictly if you want to burn all the stubborn body fat like your counterparts.

Did you know it is harder for women to lose weight than men? 

The above statement is true. Weight loss is harder for women than men. Several studies support this fact. In situations where males and females had similar diet and fitness routines, the former were able to lose weight faster than the latter. Why?

The difference in body composition is the primary reason. A man's body has a higher percentage of muscle while a woman's body is composed mainly of fat. The hormone testosterone is responsible for their muscular physique. Muscles promote fat loss. Besides, men have a bulky frame and weigh more. Their large bodies demand more calories to sustain its daily activities. Thus, their body structure keeps them fit and trim.

On the contrary, a woman's body is genetically designed to store fat. The female hormone estrogen stores fat around the hips and abdomen and on the tights and buttocks in preparation for reproduction and childbirth. Thus, the hormones clash with their weight loss efforts making it difficult for them to shed unwanted pounds.

How to Lose Weight fast: 50 lbs in 4 months 

50 pounds in 4 months is safe and reasonable figure for women. A proper combination of diet and exercise will help you achieve this goal.


Nutrition Tips 

1. Eat foods that will kick start your metabolism and promote fat burning within the body. Increase intake of proteins, fiber, and water-rich fruits and vegetables.

2. Dieting means cutting back on a food item or group; it does not mean cutting it out completely. Carbohydrates and fats should be consumed in limited quantities. Avoid eating too little because you might end up overeating within the next few hours.

3. Many start skipping meals to lose weight fast. Breakfast and lunch are popular ones. Dropping a meal is not recommended because it slows your metabolism making it more difficult to melt flab. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three compulsory meals of the day.

4. Break up the total calorie intake for the day in six smaller meals. If you overeat at one meal, eat less at the other.

5. Try as much as possible to eat home-cooked food. Processed foods are known for their high fat and sugar content.

6. When eating out, be careful of serving sizes. If it is too large, take a portion of it home. Request to have sauces and dressings served separately. Eat low-calorie foods.

7. Drink a big glass of water before and after every meal. It will make you eat less and keep you satiated for a longer duration.

8. Get enough of sleep. Fatigue prompts you to eat more.

Workout Tips 

9. As far as exercise is concerned, you should target minimum 60 minutes, three times a week. Your fitness routine should include aerobic and strength-training exercises. Aerobic exercises boost the heart rate while strength training builds muscles.

10. Motivation is a must throughout the process. Exercising in a group or with a buddy makes a workout seem less demanding. Rewards for small achievements, music and a dairy or journal are minor motivation boosters you can use.

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