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Dean Szakacks Prep CoachTeam Szakacs - Contest Prep Expert.  When I decided to start seriously coaching clients and accept people beyond my tiny circle my number one goal was to build a family that was a team. The support, guidance and love this amazing group shows each other is second to none. We have members scattered all over the country but that doesn’t matter the majority of them talk on a daily basis.
I coach in Greensboro, Burlington, Charlotte and Raleigh because I love helping others and see potential in people they don’t see in themselves and I get to show them that. There is no greater feeling in the world then helping someone achieve something they didn’t even think was possible.
So you see....you don't just get a Prep Coach, you add more family members to your circle.  I love each everyone of my clients and I couldn’t hope for a better group of people.  #TeamSzakacs
Send me an email and mention Carolina Bodybuilding at deanofphysique@gmail.com
I provide positive training that will push you and motivate you to take your physique to the next level.  Posing lessons is part of the training to ensure you hit the stage with confidence.  Because everyone has a different personal goal, I provide you with a customized meal plan, workout programs, posing classes and motivational sessions.
Contest Prep Services Include:
  • Evaluation
  • Nutritional Plan
  • Pre-Contest Training
  • Cardio Plan
  • Supplementation Consultation
  • Posing Lessons
  • Back-Stage Help

Note:  No one-on-one personal training.

As a Contest Prep coach, I tailor each program to fit individuals level of fitness and goals. My goal is to inspire clients to achieve optimal physical fitness, reduce injuries, and maximize self esteem. I accomplish this by providing a private atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable starting or continuing a fitness program. So reach out to me, and......Get in the best shape you can be in!
transformation physique
If you're looking to: 
  • improve performance
  • stay in shape after giving birth (for women)
  • compete in a bodybuilding show
  • just stay healthy
  • to achieve a healthy lifestyle and/or improve flexibility
As Personal trainer, I will help you define and attain your goals by putting together a program designed just for you and your lifestyle. My sessions combine strength training, weight training and cardio training to maximize results. Nutritional advice is important so I will offer a meal planning session as well.

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